– Stavanger’s harbour with guests

As our participation to the third encounter of Arte – Acción, Perform or die ! in Chihuahua, Mexico: “In the north of Mexico, an ethnic group exists who resists to die in spite of the push of the West, knows itself them like raramuris,…..”



“ÅÅÅ, dive in the Univers – with guests “, Vågen/the harbour, Stavanger, Norway.Thanks to the participants :  Turi Gramstad Oliver, Kristel Talv, Valérie Febvay, GT Aamdal, Niels Noer, Agnes Btffn and the fotografers Eddee Febvay, Odd Sama, Brian Oliver.

At the same moment :

Stord, north in the Rogaland region:..
Sigmund Skard

Tomter, south of Oslo the only Woolf Wolsmoon.

to see the show clic on the picture
Photo: Brian Oliver



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