ÅÅÅ Berlin

Performance december 18

Kurfürstendam, on the way back.
Performances december 3-4, for more pictures of the performance, clic on the picture !

Performance november 21, for more pictures of the performance, clic on the picture !

Tiergarten Berlin, foto: Niels Noer

About the performances:

Walking around in Berlin every clear day, carrying white hammocks on my  head, looking for places where to hang them up, between trees in a park, or inside a tall building or anyplace from which it is possible to whach the horizonrise.

About the project:

–       Three white hammocks are exclusively made in Brasil for the ÅÅÅ performances .

–       Whith the Berlin performances, the hamocs are used for the third time.

The hamoc where earlier hung in white exhibition rooms. I invited the visitors to sit in the hammocks to watch the sunrays in the room. When they were relaxed enough to whatch the sun rays coming through the windows move in the room, I asked them if they dould then see the room move, as the understanding of the mouvement of the light is not due to the sun moving but to the earth rotation.

In Berlin, the  white hammocks  become the white cube and like the nomads take their tent with them and settle down in new places on the surface of the earth, I go for walks in the city and it’s vincinity to find places where to hang the hammocks and then sit and lay down quietly to experience the earth rotation. To reach these places I carry the hammocks on my head feeling the gravity force. People are invited to join and participate in the performance.